[Release] Online Maps v3.6.3

We have released a new version of Online Maps asset. This is a minor update that fixes bugs found.



[Controls] Added ability to adjust touch zoom sensitivity.

[Controls] Fixed position jump when moving the map when the cursor goes outside the map for UI Controls.

[Elevations] Online Maps Mapbox Elevation Manager can now use the access token from Online Maps Key Manager.

[Elevations] Fixed accuracy when using Mapbox Elevation Manager.

[Examples] Demo scene now uses ArcGIS Elevation Manager.

[Examples] Flight Between Airports scene now uses ArcGIS - WorldImagery.

[Examples] Improved popup and fixed url for images in UI Bubble Popup scene.

[Inspector] Improved hints for component fields.

[Location Service] Changing the compass no longer causes the map to be redrawn.

[Markers] Fixed display of markers in the whole world.

[Third-Party] Added the ability to rotate the map instead of the camera when using TouchScript.

Kind Regards,

Infinity Code Team.

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