[Release] Online Maps v3.6.1

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We have released a new version of Online Maps asset, in which new features are added and problems found are fixed.



[Buildings] Added ability to ignore height tags.

[Core] Fixed memory leaks.

[Core] Fixed map shift on smooth zoom.

[Drawing API] Added the ability to line follow relief (OnlineMapsDrawingLine.followRelief).

[Key Manager] Added Mapbox.

[Tileset] Added TilesetDrawingElementZTestAlways shader.

[Other] Improved asset folder search in the project.

[Other] Added classes for loading vector tiles.

Important: this is not a final solution, and Online Maps cannot yet display vector tiles.

This is only a small, and very important step in this direction.

But it does provide ways for professionals to do awesome things with vector data.

Kind Regards,

Infinity Code Team.

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